About Us

Miss Tourism World Canada

Miss Tourism World Canada provides a platform for contestants to showcase Canada’s beauty, culture, and hospitality to their local communities, Province and eventually to the world.

Our mentorship program assists with providing development in self-confidence, leadership, and communication skills. All contestants learn to become Tourism Ambassadors for their province during their pageant preparation.

Provincial winners will have an opportunity to work with local businesses and Tourism Boards. The National winner will have the opportunity to travel across Canada attending Tourism related conferences, and festivals.

Miss Tourism World International

The Miss Tourism World Organisation was established in 1991 by John Singh - President, in an effort to help countries increase their Tourism.  Each year, the international finals is held in a dffierent host country, attarcting well over. 50 Tourism Ambassadors from all across the world.

MTWO encourages women of all cultural backgrounds to showcase their fashion and beauty wearing their National Costume, Evening Gown and Swimsuit. MTWO is one of the only pageants that crowns 1 Interantionl Title holder and  5 additional winners, 1 from each continent; Asia, Africa, America, Europe, and Oceana.

Miss Tourism World Final provides worldwide exposure for the Host Country’s tourism and investment opportunities, generates foreign currency and gives back to the community by marketing the Host Country as a preferred domestic, worldwide and safe tourism destination. The contestants influence a positive change through their international platform and belief; achieving better tourism for everyone, everywhere.



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